Find Out Mount Cook National Park!

Find Out Mount Cook National Park!

This is a resource region designed to be a one quit shop for travel and media pros researching Aoraki Mt Cook Alpine Village, NZ. In this section you will locate the latest media releases, photos, product, brand and destinational data. Mt Cook motel accommodation is at the Aoraki Court Motel , though the top quality of the lodging is considerably greater than what you'd anticipate for a motel with modern day fittings and tasteful decor. You can get up as far as Mount Cook village by road, from exactly where air safaris, trekking, 4WD tours and dinghy cruises set out for the dripping ice faces of advancing glaciers.

A brief and sweet way to dip your toes into the magical land of Mount Cook National Park. You can locate a lot more driving distances and times to Mount Cook National Park from other cities or towns on the South Island by generating use of the South Island driving distances and times web page. Nach der Abfahrt vom Mount Cook Nationalpark reisen Sie weiter Richtung Süden durch das zerklüftete Hochland des MacKenzie Basin mit dem Wasserkraftsystem von Observed und Kanälen.

Never miss seeing Mt Cook National Park if you are going to New Zealand. The views of Aoraki Mount Cook are spectacular and the region gives special skiing, tramping and other activities. At 1,468 m height, it is only 750 m above Mount Cook Village, with the reduced half of the ascent following the Red Tarns tramping track. All amenities are obtainable at the mt cook accommodation yha Cook Lodge in the Aoraki Mount Cook Village.

Aoraki means cloud piercer" and it is effortless to see how the Maoris came up with that name taking into consideration that Aoraki Mount Cook reaches an elevation of three,754 metres (12,316 ft). A Glacier Explorers" Cruise on the Tasman Lake really is a must-do when you pay a visit to Mt. Cook. The Mueller Hut is an alpine hut positioned in Mount Cook National park and sits at an elevation of more than 1,800m above sea level.

Mt Cook was little, quaint and had lots to do or as we did - absolutely nothing but be mesmerised by the beauty of the mountains. Because its inception in 1965, the observatory has held an aura of romantic magnetism, attracting a important portion of the millions of tourists who come to Lake Tekapō (a mere 10km away) or are on their way to Mount Cook or additional south to Queenstown.

The alpine village at an elevation of 760 metres is situated 12km south of the summit of Mount Cook, and 7km from the end of the Tasman Glacier. Aoraki indicates ‘cloud piercer' in Maori its English name honours that Cook - British naval Captain James Cook, who initial circumnavigated New Zealand on his epic voyage of discovery and thus became the first European to set eyes on the mountain.

Mt. Cook village is a small town 12km from the base of the mountain, and it is a tiny little town that I enjoy to just hanging out in. Population - 250 on a very good day. Yes, The Hermitage Hotel Mount Cook provides free of charge parking. On a clear night, get pleasure from the views of the night sky from one of the campgrounds or even 1 of the roadside rest stops away from the lights of Mt Cook Village for the ideal views.
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